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11.00am every Sunday
(Including Sunday School for ages 4 up to teenage)

Everyone worships together in the morning service for the first 10-15 minutes before the children go to the Sunday school. The service usually consists of hymns, prayers, readings and a sermon. We also like to try something different now and again and the services led by our Sunday School are always special and enjoyable occasions. The service lasts around an hour, a bit longer when we celebrate communion.



On the first Sunday evening of each month all the congregations from around the Biggleswade Methodist Circuit worship together in one place. It varies from month to month which church we go to so please check the notice board outside the Church or the Circuit preaching plan for details.



We celebrate the Lordís Supper, communion, about once a month as part of the morning service. In Methodism we believe that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who invites people to come to His table to receive from Him in faith. Therefore anyone is welcome to receive bread and wine if they feel it will help their faith in Christ. You will be guided by the steward when to come forward to receive. No one need feel any pressure to receive if they do not wish to.A few people come forward to receive a prayer of blessing instead of bread and wine; others simply remain in their seat if they do not wish to receive.




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